A brief was very simple by client that they want pastel colors only. No dark color to the house, no metal handles to the entire house – house should be child friendly and last but not the least finally furniture should give sturdy look when designing this apartment private home in Vile Parle, Mumbai.
Challenge was to achieve looks of the furniture without handles and at the same time practical for all age of members in the house.
Design to be worked out without compromising on the decor and scale of all 4 bedrooms. This apartment also has Balcony open to sky.
Each Bedroom is designed in a way that it looks young and fresh at every point of time you see it. Poly-coating to the furniture complimented by veneer in matte finish to all 4 bedrooms .
Bathrooms are the place not to miss in the house.
All 4 bathrooms are elegant and spacious. Tiles as material was used in all 4 bathrooms and equal importance and justice was given to tile as a material and final look as marble or stone.
Temple in the living room was design without loosing its spiritual values with back painted glass and hexagonal ceiling with gold leafing on it was the focal point of the entire living room.