A freehand was given when designing this apartment. private home in NEAPEANSEA ROAD, Mumbai. The client brief was the home had to look Rich and  reflect their lifestyle, which included entertaining frequently.

Challenge was to convert 2 bedroom apartment in to 3 bedroom apartment without compromising on the décor and scale of each room. This apartment also has Terrace open to sky and that was the focal point of Entire design.

Each Bed rooms design in its own way keeping in my the age group as well.

Master bedroom has been lavishly  design with modern look and innovative way of using materials.

Kids bedroom has been design with modern concept  colour has played interesting roll in this room. Key design feature of this room was Tree Shape book case.

Guest bedroom was design to welcome all age group guest.

Terrace was the area design to interpret it like a bungalow terrace and it give you feeling of the bungalow.